More Customs
As the second half of the baseball season starts we have a look at a lot of new customs. Check out the following team pages to see new customs: Reds, Royals, Dodgers, Mets, Pirates, Braves, Cubs, Athletics and Cardinals.

Terrance Newman from the Dallas Cowboys, Teemu Selanne from the Winnipeg Jets, and Travis Buck from Arizona State Baseball have also been added.

New packaged custom of
Terrance Newman

"The stripes on the Steelers sleeve, where if you look at the bettis you're lucky if the white stripes don't run together with the yellow, on yours are clear, delineated and straight (you could give them a paint-between-the-lines seminar with small brushes)."
"The paint application on the entire figure is thicker than on the regular, stock mcfarlanes (this is like a specially tuned mcfarlane-saleen mustang-jomo mcfarlane?)."
"Once again, AWESOME WORK! The details! The details! The details! The labeling on the helmet is immaculate! The socks and elbows! I just wish football season was already here..."
"The Archie is gorgeous. Your photo does not do it justice"
"You got just about every decals right on spot, the Paint job is perfect!"
"Can't say enough, it's absolutely Fantastic."
"Gretzky looks awesome, it's the best custom I have"
"Joe .......... your eye for detail is incredible and your workmanship is PHENOMENAL . SWWWWEEEEEEEEEEETTTTTTTTTTTTTT Man, fan-freakin-tastic......... "
"Grossman looks awesome. You do wonderful work."
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