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  Mike Kennedy: People Bank
  Tim O'Rourke
  Jeff Francoeur: Parkview High School
  Danny Schmitt - Batavia High School
  Corey Epstein - Petrides High School Panthers
  Corey Epstein - Petrides High School Panthers
  Eric Costanza: North Bridge High School
  Dan Gutteridge: Ryle High
  Derek Knutson: Yorkville High School
  Dee Thomas: Rockcastle County High School
  Brett Kolomyjec: Rogers High School
  Lou Osso: Pleasantville Red Sox
  Scott Perlman: Pleasantville Red Sox
  Trent: Warriors High School
  Chicago Fire: Fantasy Baseball
  New York Knights & Washington D.C. Capitals: Fantasy Baseball
  Clifton Hobbs: Ottawa Bobcats Fantasy Baseball
  New Jersey: Adult Baseball League
  Jake Ferguson: W.Y.A.A. Cardinals
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